is your 4C hair damaged? these 3 major signs to look for!

heyyyy fren!

the holladays are right around the corner, and we need to make sure your 4C hair is ready to shine at every function and celebration you attend this szn.



while you’re prepping your 4C hair for the fall, it’s essential that there’s nothing holding them back either! aka...we’re on the lookout for any damage that may ruin your good time (and good hair!).

the signs are out there, fren. keep your eyes open for these bad looks that are shedding your gorgeous 4C hair in a bad light: 

excessive hair shedding 

sooo, it is pretty normal to experience a lil shedding every now and then. on average, 50 to 100 strands will fall daily. no biggie.



but let’s say your 4C hair is being shed in a somewhat large amount, especially during normal 4C hair care: 

when you peep this, it’s time to give your kinks and coils a lil bit more concern!

your hair shouldn’t be falling out every you turn your head, sis. hate to break it to ya, but this is a sign of damage!

(alternatively, it’s a sign you may want to check in with a dermatologist to make sure the shedding isn’t due to some other related issue. don’t be careful!)

fairy knots + tangled strands one likes to get tangled up in some mess. entanglements, drama...messy hair. none of that is cool!

when you start to notice fairy knots or tangled tresses more often while doing your 4C hair care, this is a major sign that your coils need some extra TLC.



don’t cry any more tears over tangles and tears, fren.

dry hair

this is probably the most tell-tale sign of natural hair damage: dry hair.

nobody really likes for anything to be dry. dry convos, dry vibes, dry hair...all of this is bad for our wellness! 




it’s one thing for your natural hair to be dry after skipping out on wash day or deciding to miss the necessary moisturizing steps. (which you should never eva, eva-eva-eva, EVA-EVA, do)

but it’s another thing to realize your 4C hair isn’t maintaining moisture after consistent hair care practices: 

if the dryness is making you weary, don’t fret for too long fren. help is on the way!

how to remedy your 4C hair damage

  • trims 
  • extra TLC with deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments
  • avoid any chemicals (such as coloring or worse...relaxers! yikesss)



check out our blog about restoring your 4C hair health to get all the gems and keys to bringing your 4C hair back to life!

how do you know when your kinks and coils aren’t flourishing like they’re supposed to? drop ya tell-tale signs in the comments below:

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