how to protect and prep your 4C hair for fall it really fall already?

we experienced growth all spring and shine all summer, but now it’s time to get cozy for the cooler season! the change of weather means you can still keep your 4C hair together. 



you just need to adapt a lil (and to use product a lil!).

here are a few healthy natural hair tips to slide into your hair care routine for the fall: 

pre-pare to pre-poo

keeping our kinks clean is absolutely necessary for our 4C hair health! sometimes, we want to give our coils an extra cleansing

say hellooo to the perfect partner: pre-poo!



a pre-poo is a pre-shampoo treatment that you apply to your 4C hair before giving it a nice wash. let the pre-poo sit in your kinks for 10-15 minutes before washing it out, following up with a shampoo.

benefits of pre-poo include: 

  • restores moisture 
  • restores shine 
  • prepares your hair to get the most out of the shampoo process 

pre-poo’s are essential for ensuring that your 4C hair is prepped to get the ultimate cleansing from shampoo. a smooth surface makes for a smooth wash!



here are a few of our fav oils to pre-poo with: 

i’m dreaming of a deep condition

y’all know how we feel about deep conditioners. that’s our girl, our homie, our very best fren. 

deep conditioning treatments are our fav to use year-round, but they’re especially essential to use when it starts getting chilly outside.



even if the weather outside is frightful...our kinks can still be (and feel) delightful!

during the fall and winter seasons, it’s important to give our coils regular deep conditioning treatments to kick up our moisture levels. 



consistent deep conditioning treatments will help to improve your 4C hair health, in addition to providing lots of shine and luster to any dreary kinks.

the lovely loyalty of leave-in conditioners

we all need some (hair product) to lean on, right?

while it’s cooler outside, it becomes a bit more tricky for our natural hair to keep moisture tucked away in our strands. luckily, a leave-in conditioner will ensure that your kinks are looking thirsty.



after giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment, use the too soft leave-in conditioner to lock in the moisture. this will help keep your coils looking juicy and ripe throughout the cold fall nights.

protect ya kinks (and ya energy!) just need a break. right, fren?

this can be true in regards to our 4C hair too! as much as we love catering to our thick kinks and luscious coils, sometimes it’s best to step away from the daily styling.

instead, it can be beneficial to step into a protective style!



protective styles, such as twists, box braids, or wigs, are ideal to use when you want to stay hands-free for a bit.


by letting your hair sit under these protective styles, unbothered and covered, you’re giving your 4C hair the chance to flourish once it is time to wash and style again.

whatever protective style you decide to rock with, be sure to give your 4C hair a major cleansing first with the too easy collection.





wash your kinks with the too clean shampoo and too thicke deep conditioner, following up with applying the too soft-leave in conditioner and too slick styling cream.

we’re excited for you to update your 4C hair care routine for this new season! what changes are you looking forward to? let us know in the comments, fren:

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Can I use your products with a keratin in my hair?

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