why we do it

*searches for twistout tutorial on Youtube. buys 50-11 products. tries style.*

* hairstyle fails.*

can you relate? us too. that’s why we created 4C ONLY. we’re on a mission to make 4C haircare easy, not complicated. to make sure that what you asked for is really what you got in a hairstyle. to create pure joy and freedom to express yourself... from the roots.

it’s time to put some respect on your mane, and unleash the freedom in your kinks. the result? a brand for soft, juicy, strands that can easily do and be just about anything… join the kinky revolution. it’s moisturized. 😎

status: uncomplicated

it’s kinky, not complex. sure, your hair might get a lil rough with you some days, but it’s not because your hair is difficult or needs “managing.” your kinks are perfect just as they are. you just need to give them the right tlc! we’re giving the kinks what they want and making it easy. 4C haircare doesn’t have to be complicated. don’t believe us? try it for yourself.

group chat feedback

"The deep conditioner melts in your hair and de-tangles seamlessly. The leave-in went on like a lite mouse but the shine and hydration are awesome. I love the ingredients in both products including squalane in the leave-in."


"This is a great product the slip on the too deep conditioner is crazy and that's in a good way. With these products a little goes a long way too."


"The deep conditioner had my hair feeling so soft and hydrated. I used the styling cream for my twist out. My twist out definition held up for a week and was still going strong. I am tempted to delay my wash day for a few days."

"4C fren"

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