3 essential tips on how to restore 4C hair health

just because the weather is starting to get a lil frightful doesn’t mean your kinks and coils have to do the same!



as a natural, we just feel it in our coils when our 4C hair isn’t living its best life. whether the bounce isn’t bouncing or the shine isn’t shining, we recognize when our natural hair is feeling a bit dreadful.

don’t be too down, fren. restoring your 4C hair is definitely possible! all you need is a whole lotta patience and a little bit of product!


it ain’t nothin’ to cut those ends off!

this is pretty much a lesson we can apply to any factor of our lives: don’t hold onto anything that’s harmful for us!! whether it’s bad relations, bad habits, or bad ends, you’re much better cutting off that dead weight.



this is especially true when it comes to your natural hair! keeping dead or damaged ends for the sake of length is not the move. 

you can only maintain the health of your hair by freeing up what no longer serves you! if your ends are feeling especially horrendous, go ahead and snip them off. your 4C hair will be glad to have the freedom (and space!) to continue on its ultimate hair journey. 

hot oil treatment 

a couple of oils can be reaaal nice for your coils!


we know there’s been some talk in the natural hair streets around oils and if they’re really safe for natural hair, but here’s the truth: they’re perfectly safe when you use them correctly! one of the best ways to add an oil to your natural hair care routine is by doing a hot oil treatment. 



benefits of hot oil treatments

hydrated 4C hair? you got it. strengthening your strands? yep, you got it. increased circulation for your scalp? definitely...you got it!

whatever your 4C hair may be lacking in, you can definitely give it a quick boost with a quick hot oil treatment! if your strands have been feeling especially dull or dry lately, now is the time to slide a lil oil up in there.

best oils to use on 4C hair: 

how to do a hot oil treatment on 4C hair 

  1. pour a couple of tablespoons of your preferred oil into a microwaveable bowl. 
  2. microwave the oil for 15 seconds
  3. on cleansed hair, apply the oil to your natural hair.
  4. cover your hair with a plastic cap and let sit for about 15-20 minutes
  5. rinse the oil out of your hair and follow up with applying a conditioner (to later be rinsed out as well)



deep conditioning treatment 

sometimes, you gotta dig deep to find solutions!

as amazing as regular conditioners are, they don’t always get the job done. when your kinks and coils are begging for a little extra “oomf!”, treat them to a delicious deep conditioning treatment.



deep conditioners can bring your lifeless strands back to life, ready to flourish and bloom in all of their 4C glory! full of essential ingredients (such as grapeseed oil and aloe vera), deep conditioners nourish your kinks and coils by drenching them in moisture.

benefits of deep conditioning treatments

  • helps prevent damage (and other scary hair dangers!)
  • restores natural shine 
  • helps provide a balance of protein and moisture  

moving forward in your natural hair journey 



now that you have some gems on how to get your natural hair back on track, here are a few essentials to remember while you contain to nourish and care for your 4C hair

  • give your strands a nice cleanse at least once every 2 weeks
  • keep your kinks and coils moisturized on the daily basis 
  • treat your scalp to scalp massages often 
  • detangle your 4C hair carefully and often (with conditioner of course!)
  • protect your natural hair at night by wrapping it up in a scarf 

we’re here for you and your 4C hair, frens. stick with us: we’re gonna make sure your natural hair is flourishing all throughout the fall!

how do you like to give your natural hair the ultimate bounce-back? let us know your hair care routines in the comments below!


Vera Ann Richard

Did the hair on Friday, and for once took my time with my twists, and it still looks and feels good. I will add a little serum to it if it looks dull in the mornings and I am good to go.

Dr Deborah Scott

I love my 4c hair. I love the way all my other sisters look wearing their own hair. When I talk to the younger generation and they say, " I don’t like my hair", it makes me very, very sad. So in due time I hope the younger generation will be more appreciative of what God blessed them with. Black 4c hair is beautiful.

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