moisture guide: 3 ways to keep your 4C hair juicy

you know what’s better than being a 4C honey

a hydrated 4C honey!




we’re still in the thick of moisturized girl summer (aka hot coil summer!). while we’re out in these streets, we still need to keep our kinks nice and juicy

(cause honestly...who likes being thirsty??)

here are 3 ways to moisturize your 4C hair in any style you choose: 

rockin’ a Wash + Go 



now who said that 4C hair couldn’t do a Wash + Go?!? 

4C hair is unstoppable, honey. it can do anything it puts its textured mind to; including styling a bomb Wash + Go! here’s all you have to do: 

watch your Wash + Go turn into a Wash + go girl! this simple style is perfect for on-the-go, and you won’t have to worry about your moisture running low.

rockin’ a twist/braid out 



feelin’ lazy for the week but want to pop out for the weekend? we have the perfect solution: twist it up!


 twist-out’s (or braid-out’s, whatever floats your boat) are perfect to wear when you don’t want to bother your hair for a few days. when it does come time to finally take them, honey. it’s a shine that was well worth the wait (and effort!).

 plus, twist-outs are a great way to maintain your moisture without adding any stresses to your tresses! all you have to do is: 

  • step 1: on freshly cleansed and conditioned hair, apply the too soft leave-in conditioner to your strands
  • step 2: follow up with the too slick styling cream while you twist or braid your hair in sections 
  • step 3: after your twists have been holding up for a few days, use an oil serum to take them down 
  • step 4: fluff out your kinks to style to your desire 


optional: to ensure that your kinks are staying juicy during this time, you can take a spray bottle full of water and aloe vera juice to hydrate your coils. just be sure when it’s time to take them down, they’re completely dry!

rockin’ a protective style 

 hot coil summer checklist: bomb plans, bomb frens, bomb hairstyles...yep, this sounds about right!


we all know what it’s like to enjoy a summertime fine protective style. whether it’s box braids, Marley twists, or a wig (or a few!), it’s okay to take a short break from your kinks and rock a new look.


 as long as you’re keeping those kinks underneath’ll be Gucci!


 here’s how to keep your 4C hair moisturized with a protective style: 



 optional: if your protective style is box braids or twists, you can use a spray bottle full of water and aloe vera juice to keep your scalp and strands hydrated. you can also smooth in the too soft leave-in conditioner to your hair parts for moisture



there ya have it fren! keep ya kinks ready for all of the moves you’ll be making this moisturized girl summer.

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I’m excited! Can’t wait for my kit to arrive. I have tried numerous products and the results are always the same dry dull and hard coils. I am keeping my fingers cross hoping that I finally found the right product for my 4c low porosity kinky hair.

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