how to prepare your 4C hair for a coloring treatment

is this dull and dreary weather getting you down?? chin up, fren: let’s add a lil cheer to your natural hair!

by cheer, we really mean color. what’s a better way to brighten up this season by drenching your 4C hair in an exciting new color??



we know, we know: you may be a lil worried. we know your concerns well, fren: 

  • “but doesn’t color damage your 4C hair??”
  • “will i be able to keep my hair healthy with color in it?”
  • “what if it’s a bad coloring job??”

we see you, we hear you, and we’re here to smooth out all those tangled thoughts in ya head. 



you (and your 4C hair!) can achieve anything you put your coils to. this is especially true when it comes to coloring treatments!

all you need to do is prepare a lil, do a lil research, and find a reliable stylist that you trust. (coloring your hair isn’t the time for you to have your DIY project, fren. leave that to the professionals!)

how to prep your 4C hair for a coloring treatment

take on wash day earlier 

we all know how important it is to keep our kinks and coils squeaky clean on the regular basis. before you skip over to the salon for your coloring, be sure to wash and condition your 4C hair at least 24 hours before then!


our scalp produces natural oils which acts as protection against chemicals in the hair dye. by allowing these oils to act as a barrier, you’re increasing the chance of keeping your 4C hair safe during the coloring process!

after you cleanse and condition your coils, go easy on any other product you may use. the gels, the mousses, the pomades, all of those extra things...leave em alone for now!

keep those kinks moisturized 

dry hair is already a scary sight...but dry hair with color drenched on top of it?!? sis...we’re crying and throwing up at the thought of it!

make sure your coils up for any challenges that coloring may bring by keeping your 4C hair moisturized and nourished leading up to your coloring.

if you can’t remember the last time you gave your 4C hair a deep conditioning treatment, now is the time to drench your tresses (to avoid any possible stresses!). 


after you restore and replenish your kinks with a deep conditioning treatment, following up with a leave-in conditioner to lock in all of that love and moisture.

(p.s. our juicy bundle, which has our too thicke deep conditioner and too soft leave-in conditioner, is the perfect package deal to pick up for the ultimate moisture!)

stay on your coils 

stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, fren. 



your 4C hair’s health is always the number one priority, so be sure to clean up your nighttime routine so that your kinks are ready for your coloring treatment.

here’s some friendly reminders on how to tuck your natural hair in at night: 

  • twist or braid up your 4C hair 
  • sleep with a bonnet or scarf (preferably while also on a satin pillowcase!)
  • use products sparingly to refresh your 4C hair 

gorgeous colors for 4C hair 


ginger, spice, and everything else that keeps your natural hair looking nice. there’s power in your puffs, girl! 


you red-dy to shake things up? a hot head of coils for a hot girl!


you’re a flower, fren...and your 4C hair will never be too much! grow on and show out with this fun color.

how to take care of your 4C natural hair after a coloring treatment

be gentle should already be handling your 4C hair delicately! your strands are precious, and you should never intentionally be rough while taking care of your natural hair.



here are a few frenly reminders on how to be soft with your 4C hair: 

  • detangle off with the help of a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner 
  • always work from the root to the strands (don’t forget to show your ends some TLC!)
  • while cleansing your kinks, use your the balms of your finger tips to massage your scalp instead of scratching
  • while braiding or twisting your coils, always apply a leave-in conditioner and styling cream beforehand to keep your strands smooth and sleek 

deep condition often  

what can we say about deep conditioners?!? they’re truly a 4C girl’s best fren, and like any best fren, we should want to see them as often as we can.



give yourself a regular deep conditioning treatment for your natural hair at least every 2-3 weeks. this will ensure that your kinks and coils are staying nice and juicy.

are you ready to shine with a whole new color for your coils? let us know what color you’re thinking about trying out for your 4C hair in the comments below:

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