4C ONLY presents: natural hair horror stories

hello to all of our 4C ghosts, ghouls, and gorgeous coils!

halloween is creeping up on us (like a long-awaited hair appointment!), and we’re all ready to get spooked by scary stories and scary movies.





however, as a 4C honey, we’ve been facing our own fears longggg before the spooky season even started: 

  • fear of not finding any hair products exclusively catered to our 4C hair
  • fear of hearing various insults and snickers about our kinks
  • fear of not being accepted in spaces, especially beauty stores and hair salons (spaces that were supposedly meant for us!)

we know you have even more horrifying tales about how you and your natural hair were mistreated, and honestly...we’re all ears, fren! tell us all about your natural hair horror stories down in the comments below.



until then...let’s share a few of our own. hold on to your coils, fren: these stories may or may not trigger you!

the stylist who’s scared of 4C hair 

you just took down a bomb hairstyle. whether your 4C hair was dolled up in an elaborate up-do or it was tucked away in a protective style, it’s free and ready for some major TLC.

why do all the work yourself when you can conveniently find someone else to do so (willingly and gladly) for you?



must be nice.

here’s one stylist that looks hopeful. errr, they’re kinda buggin’ tho: 

  • “must wash, condition, and blow dry your hair before appointment.”
  • “cannot have hair shorter than 4 inches.”
  • “must have fine hair: WILL NOT WORK ON 4C HAIR!!”

well...okay then.

it’s a scary and lonely feeling to realize you don’t belong in a hair space that was meant to be inclusive. good thing you read the fine print and found out that these new hairstylists are straight out of a horror flick.





will the real natural hair professionals please stand up?

cobwebs, conditioners, and other creepy things left in the dusty corner

products for your type of hair can be found back there.”

it’s kinda ironic how even though our kinks and coils are large and lovely, the gems and goods we have to use for them are always shushed away to dark corners and lonely aisles.

4C hair is magnificent. it stands out, it’s stunning, and it’s worthy of a better display, right?



but instead...we breeze past the other hair products that prioritize the “better” hair, front and center. we creep to the very back of the beauty store and pick through leftover conditioners, shampoos, and other products that hopefully will get the job done.

...they don’t even have a deep conditioner back here.

we’ll keep our fingers and coils crossed that we won’t run into another dark space full of empty promises that are dressed up as “natural hair products for EVERY texture”.

on to the next beauty store. 


wash day? more like waste day.

as in, “i hope i don’t waste my time trying to get my kinks together” day.

as in, “i hope i don’t waste my too easy collection trying to get my kinks together” day.

as in, “i hope i don’t waste my energy trying to get my kinks together” day.





as terrifying as wash day used to be, this is even scarier: dirty, dusty hair.

relax your kinks and smooth out your coils, frens. you don’t have to be scared of wash day anymore. 

you don’t have to be scared of any of these natural hair horror stories anymore, actually.

we created 4C ONLY to be your safe space when you (or the world) is feeling scared of your natural beauty. we get where you’re coming from, because we’ve def been there too. 




we get what it’s like to try product after product to only get horrifying results; that’s why we created the too easy collection, full of clean ingredients and second chances to bring your 4C hair back to life.

we get what it’s like to try and build a relationship with a “hair stylist” who refuses to service 4C hair because it’s “too much”; that’s why we take pride in nurturing and styling our own hair.

we get it. we get you. more importantly, we got you.

don’t be scared of what this spooky season holds for you and your 4C hair. we’ll be here, holding your hand (and your kinks!) through it all.

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I bought these products for my son and my family has made their comments of his hair type. 😒😡😴🙄🥺! But I love his hair they are the perfect tiniest coils. I am so happy with the product you have made his hair braiding so much easier.

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