4C ONLY: changing the Black haircare industry

question: “what is 4C ONLY???”

answer: baddest in the school, baddest in the game...yep, that’s us.



it’s Black business month, and honestly...we want to pat ourselves on the back. 

we’re not humble. we’re not apologetic. and we’re most def not going to tone down. why should we?

4C hair has been scrutinized for farrrr too long. way before there was an even a Black haircare industry, kinks and coils fell to the back of line when it came to beauty.





when the natural hair movement did finally take stage, guess how that played out for 4C hair? you don’t have to guess: you can still see it now! ignored, unprioritized, shamed, shunned...all of those ugly feels.

the reason why we created 4C ONLY is as clear as a bright and lovely day: we’re creating pure joy and freedom for your 4C hair. we’re providing simple and easy haircare specifically for our 4C honeys. we’re reminding you that your roots are regal, your strands are stunning, and your coils are collectively gorgeous. 



come kick it with the kinky crew, frens. we promise you’ll love it here.

here are 3 reasons why you should be down with 4C ONLY: 

we’re Black-owned and Black-operated 

we can’t help but to win with an all-star team: 

  • Black Head-of-Marketing who calls all the shots and represents our brand to its fullest potential
  • Black in-house photographer and videographer who captures the beauty of Black 4C hair
  • Black in-house writer who tells the stories your kinks and coils hold within every strand
  • Black in-house chemist who crafts and curates the best ingredients for your natural 4C hair
  • Black brand manager who holds it down across alllll the boards



you get it. so get with the winning team, fren. 

we make BOMB products that brings out the best of your 4C hair

“...4C ONLY deep conditioner is the bomb. It smells divine and is deeply nourishing. I love to see a line of products dedicated to the gorgeous 4C hair type.” -akili king, Vogue 



“...crowning champions in this set [for me] were the leave-in conditioner and the styling cream because they kept my curls moisturized for days without making my hair feel weighed down.” -sydney clarke, Refinery29

“...the biggest factor for me is its ability to thoroughly cleanse my hair without completely stripping it of all its natural oils. Thankfully, this moisturizing shampoo, which includes aloe vera leaf and argan oil, did exactly that. I love that a little went a long way, since it lathered well super quickly.” -nakeisha campbell, PureWow





we’re true to you, our 4C honeys and best of frens

“4C ONLY is [also] creating spaces for 4C women to share their stories amongst each other, holding public, virtual townhalls for whoever is in need of a safe space.” -blake newby, Essence

“Created to remove the guesswork out of caring for naturally thick hair, the Black-owned company prides itself in having products that nourish and hydrate every zigzag and coil. The results? Thick, juicy, and soft tresses!” -emerald elitou, Brydie 





are you ready to join the moisturized revolution? we’re waiting on ya, fren.

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