speak your 4C truth

frens...let’s be real for a minute.

we haven’t always been so nice to our 4C hair, have we? raise your hand if you’ve ever groaned at the thought of wash day, or if you’ve ever rolled your eyes when another product fails your kinks. i know we’ve all felt that frustration when the twist-out turned out to be a twist-in. it’s hard out here, fren.



you may not realize it, sis, but that energy of disdain you’re putting towards your coils? it’s showing...and it’s not a good look.

now, we’re not blaming you or anything; we know where you’re coming from! we’ve been living in a world that seems to always have something rude to say about our kinks:

  • “ it’s too nappy, it’s too ugly.”
  • “you need to change your hair.”
  • “you need to make it better.”

we get it. it can be tough trying to block out all that noise and sit in silence with your own peace and love for your hair (that you may not even have yet!). it’s tough trying to create a new narrative that uplifts and praises your texture and all of it's wonder. it’s tough...but it’s not impossible.



it’s time that you start speaking nicer to your kinks. with more love and care (ahem *from our too easy collection* ahem), your 4C hair will feel the good energy you create. it’ll feel empowered; it’ll feel healthy; and most importantly, it’ll feel like it deserves a space in this world. 

talk nice to your kinks, frens. need some help? check out our very special monologue, dedicated to all of our 4C honeys:





what will you say about your 4C hair? let us know in the comments fren! 

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