everything to expect for 4C ONLY's Black business month celebration

honestly...we’re just happy to be here.




for Black business month, we’re taking the time to intentionally celebrate. we’re celebrating errrrbody and their momma: 

  • we’re clapping for ourselves, being a bomb Black-owned hair brand that honors, embraces, and nourishes 4C hair with every bone in our body.
  • we’re clapping for our 4C hair honeys, the best frens anyone could ask for. y’all are who we do it for!
  • we’re clapping for all of the Black-owned brands that came before us and that are coming after us. y’all are the original blueprint, and we’re honored to share space and grace with ya. 



yeah...we got a couple of things to be grateful for this month!

this month, we’re continuing to hold gratitude and love for our mission: embracing 4C hair naturals everywhere to love on their kinks! additionally, we’re going to be sharing and spreading that love by spotlighting other Black-owned businesses that are flourishing and blossoming into their wildest dreams.





it brings us immense joy to have the privilege of being a Black-owned business that’s making real changes. one kink at a time, one coil at a time.

here’s all you can look forward to during 4C ONLY’s Black business month celebration: 

  • LIVE chats with the Black women who are running 4C ONLY (only for you, fren). get in tune with our Insta to join us for these exclusive interviews!
  • highlighting a few Black-owned businesses that we love and admire 
  • a special 4C ONLY sale (you're gonna love it, btw)
  • a special 4C ONLY giveaway of our famous too easy collection 



we’re in for a good month, frens! won’t you come celebrate with us?

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