It’s a Hot Girl & a Soft Girl Summer

let the summer activities commence because the girls are officially outsiiiiide!
the sun is out & the fros too! some of us are outside outside having hot girl summers & some have decided to be soft girls all summer long. 
either way, do you boo! we heard the real switch up queens decided to do both! 
regardless, check out these tips to get outside and have the summer you deserve! 

Hot Girl 

hot girls stand up because sis is not weak in the knees! she outside. living life on her own terms & celebrating life with her girlfriends! so how are you going to have the hot girl summer deserve? let’s get into these tips: 
get out of your comfort zone! do something you’ve always wanted to try! hot girls are adventurous and discovering their truth on the daily basis. next time you’re in the club, dance like no one is watching! twerk somethin’ and shake something’ even if no one is on the dance floor yet! 
don’t forget, hot girls don’t know what dry kinks look like… so keep that too soothing serum on deck! 

& of course, a hot girl summer is not a hot girl summer without her frens! call ya favorite frens up or meet up with a fren you always wanted to hang out with! who knows, a new friendship may be in bloom! let’s not forget the great words of glorilla, we are free of the nonsense! delete that negative energy in your life neowwwww, sis! it’s hot girl summer & we have no time for stress! periodt!

Soft Girl 

soft girls are you guessed it…soft! she’s taking her power back & frolicking in the wind at a picnic with her frens. if you’re wondering if sis is doing the bare minimum or taking her time back, we’re here to tell you that she’s healing! 
here’s some tips for a soft girl summer:
go on a picnic with some frens. while you’re running through gardens and pretty fields, make sure your kinks are hydrated with a good leave-in like the too soft-leave in conditioner.
catch up on  a book you’ve been wanting to read & take some time to journal.
take a solo vaca and see what you discover or just take some time alone, fren.
self-care is the best care and a revolutionary act! we love to see you take time for yourself and your wash day with the too easy collection
whether you’re having hot girl summer or soft girl summer, have the summer you deserve sis! please remember that you can do both!
sis might be a soft girl by day, and a hot girl by night - no judgement around here
whatever you choose, do you and stay hydrated in these 4C streets! are you team ‘Hot Girl’ or ‘Soft Girl’ this summer?

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