5 Mental Health & Wellness Resources for Black Women

it's still Mental Health Awareness Month, and we want to make sure you're good fren!

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We hope you are healing, happy, and full of joy despite all the things happening! We know that adulting, self-care, and maintaining healthy relationships with others and ourselves can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  we’re rooting for you, sis!

If you need a friendly reminder of a few simple things to incorporate into your daily routine for optimal self-care, you already know we got some small gems for ya! 


First and foremost, let’s get into the vibes. Because the vibes attract our tribe & the vibes set the tone.

set the mood for a positive day with sounds that soothe your soul and make your heart happy. Check out this playlist we curated for your peaceful day. From meditations to putting our records on, this playlist is guaranteed to put you in the mood to manifest the day you deserve. 


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Practice Gratitude

“Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle
you already know that we’re about that abundant life, fren! So let’s attract more by being grateful for the things and the people we have in our life. Let’s go as far as making this a daily practice.
Let us know 3 things you’re grateful for, sis. Yes, you can say it to yourself & yes this counts as your daily gratitude practice. We know we’re grateful for you and your juicy kinks for joining the revolution.


Self-care! self-care! self-care!

You know we can’t scream it enough because self-care is essential to community care, healthy relationships, and everything else in life. When you take care of yourself, you’re able care for others. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you can’t pour from an empty tea cup! Are you making time for yourself? Are you having too easy wash days?



Meditation/ Yoga

We all know the benefits of yoga and meditation. Well, let’s not make assumptions….because if you didn’t know you’re about to. Make space to listen to what the divine has in store for you, sis - whomever or whatever that may be.
While you’re at it say a little affirmation for yourself too. You deserve to hear all of the good things you feel about yourself. & do you practice yoga? If not, let’s get into it sis. Yoga is a practice of movement, stillness, and oneness with your body! Just 10 minutes of yoga a day is guaranteed to help you have an amazing day.
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Release Negativity

Last but not least, sometimes the things that keep us in a low vibration are the things we don’t want to let go. Does negativity feel like it’s a part of the family sometimes? Like that family member you really don’t care for? Sis, it’s okay to make space and let that ish go!
Holding on to negative memories, relationships, or negative thoughts can really have a negative impact on your mental health, and we want to you have the best mental health you can possibly have. Take this as a sign from the universe to let go of what’s holding you back, sis. 
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it’s not so hard to implement small daily habits into your routine to optimize your mental health.
Let us know! what habits are you already implementing and what habits you plan to implement?

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