what is 4C hair?

we feel you, fren! you always hear people talk about their hair texture, but no one ever breaks down exactly what hair texture is.

so, let’s get into it…

what is my hair texture?

hair texture refers to the natural shape or pattern of your strands. you can often see your “true” texture after you wash your hair and let it dry without any additional product or manipulation.  

there are 4 hair textures: straight, wavy, curly, or coily. each texture also matches a hair type. 

hair type corresponds to a number 1-4. and within your hair type you have subcategories that relates to hair structure. knowing this information helps you better care for your coils and make the best hair routine for you!

so let’s get into the 4 hair types: 

type 1 (straight): no bend or curl

type 2 (wavy): slight curve or “S” shape

type 3 (curly):  ringlet or corkscrew curl pattern

type 4 (coily): tight coils and zig-zag pattern 

of course we’re 4C ONLY, so if you’re a proud coily queen. keep on reading. we got some gems just for you! 

am I type 4?!

we may be biased but type 4 hair is beautiful and lowkey our fav for obvious reasons

type 4 hair is coily, can be dense or fine, and can have a tight curls of different shapes. from our coils to our shrinkage, we can never be duplicated!

now that you know your hair texture is type 4. we’re breaking down whether you’re 4A, 4B, or 4C. 

4A hair has dense, springy coils with a visible S pattern.            4A Hair

(4A hair)

4B hair bends in sharp angles like the letter Z. The curl is tighter and less defined. 

(4B hair)

4C hair is the tightest pattern compared to other hair textures. 4c hair is similar to 4b, but it's prone to more shrinkage -  we love shrinkage, fren! it’s helps us know whether our hair is healthy. 

(4C hair)

how to care for your 4C hair?

the #1 myth about 4c hair is that 4C hair is strong and not fragile. wrong!!!

4C hair is actually the most delicate pattern and needs extra moisture + TLC! 


here are our TLC tips:

  • don’t rush when doing your hair. take ya time and care for your coils!

  • wash your hair in sections (you can put your hair in two strand twist). this makes it easier to get to your scalp

  • deep condition and make sure to take your time when detangling (work from the ends to your roots)

  • work leave-in conditioner into your hair in sections 

  • give ya hair (& yourself) some grace

of course, the Too Easy Collection will always be your best fren! from cleansing your coils to styling your hair, you will have products that are made just for you. 

embrace your hair and all of its 4C glory! whether you’re new to the revolution or a seasoned coil queen, connect with your 4C frens for some more tips and add some gems to your 4C ONLY merch collection

we love to show our hair some much needed TLC. what is something you do to take care of your 4C coils?  

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