Spring Haircare: 5 Simple Tips To Flourishing Kinks

April showers bring May flowers, so don’t forget to water your kinks all month long! we can't wait to see your kinks flourish all spring & summer long! stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, sis! 

this spring we’re blossoming and shedding winter’s layers. however, our 4C frens need special care to water their garden. so here are some tips to get the best 4C kinks this spring.

1. keep your hair moisturized

as the weather warms up, the air can become dryer, which can lead to dry and brittle kinks!  so make sure to moisturize your hair regularly because 4C kinks needs extra moisture, fren!

the the Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner and the Too Soothing Mint Serum are locking in moisture all spring long while preventing breakage.

2. avoid over-washing your hair

during the spring, it's common to sweat more. let’s be real, frens. if you're spending more time outdoors and working on that summer body in the gym…. it is what it is!

however, over-washing your hair can strip your kinks of its natural oils. this leads to dryness. so instead of washing your hair every day, try to limit it to once a week

3. use protective styles: 

protective styles, such as braids, twists, and updos, can help you protect your hair from every element and prevent breakage. they also make it easier to manage your hair during the spring when the weather can be unpredictable.

so keep that liquid poo, mint serum, and edge control on deck to keep that protective style in check! 

4. be gentle when detangling

detangling your hair can be a challenge, especially if you have 4C hair. to prevent breakage, be gentle with your precious kinks when detangling your hair. use your 4C ONLY detangle brush or your fingers to gently detangle your hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.

5. deep condition your hair regularly

again, we don’t know who needs to hear this…… but 4C kinks need extra moisture! deep conditioner is not an option for the girls with 4C hair.

deep conditioning restores moisture and nourishes your kinks. during the spring, consider deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. 

taking care of your 4C hair during the spring requires a little more tlc, but it's worth it to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

following these tips  can help to protect your kinks, while keeping it moisturized and nourished. remember a little goes a long way, and water your garden all spring long! those April showers will bring May flowers!  

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