re-envision HERstory: kinks edition

the evolution of black beauty is one to be celebrated  because it’s timeless & ever changing, but the reflection of our ancestors beauty runs through us deeply. have you ever looked at your mother and saw yourself? or does your favorite cousin look just like your great grandmother?

it’s like black women just keep reinventing themselves generation after generation and the beauty is simply evolving every time. soooo just for fun, let's re-envision HERstory, but with the stories of our great ancestors who we’re all fond of…. kinks edition! 


Nina Simone

auntie Nina Simone, said black people are the most beautiful people in the entire world. we know that’s right! auntie never lied! auntie Nina Simone the great musician (yes, she played the piano), singer, and civil rights activist we have all come to love, but wow they know they did her wrong with that movie… Zoe Saldana really? they did not reimagine her story correctly at all. it was a fail..but let's reimagine her story… kinks edition!

auntie wore her crown like it was… a crown! but what if our good auntie rocked the locs?! can you see it? we knooow you see it in our young joc voice. if not, check out the graphic. imagine Nina Simone on stage with the fresh locs, high pony, and laid edges…. periodt! purrrr! all of that! issa look we would love to see for auntie Nina Simone! 


Harriet Tubman 

our Auntie Harriet Tubman deserves a standing applause and everything we can give her for her heroic acts to human kind. we praise her in these 4C streets. she risked her own life to free our people. we stan a true Queen! 

like Harriet, sometimes you have to walk alone, fren!  It's time to join the revolution and embrace your kinks. and if you're already apart of the revolution, it's time to go get your frens and let them know there's freedom in releasing their kinks. so rock ya twist-out, fro, or whatever makes you feel good!

let’s reimagine her story kinks edition! if Harriet Tubman was part of the moisturized revolution, you know she would have a slick back pony with a puff. 4C edges laid! yesss Auntie! cause she would definitely need something simple, cute, & versatile. you never know when you gonna have to check someone in the name of the revolution. 


Madam C.J. Walker 

Madam CJ Walker…say it again for the folks in the back. our good auntie walked so that we could run! she saw a problem in the black hair community and decided to fix it. she’s a true problem solver and queen who knew that the black hair community could use a good remedy to help our ancestors kinks in the early 1900s.

she became one of the first black wealthy entrepreneurs! like we said, she walked so that we could run! although our auntie was on a mission to straighten our kinks, what if she joined the moisturized revolution instead?

what if our good auntie decided to rock her kinks nice, natural, juicy, and moisturized?! it’s giving volume! we need to see that glorious twist out!  lewwwwwks have been served by imagination alone! but check out this imagine for a real idea!

throughout women’s history and black history, our kinks have been apart of our evolution and revolution! we honor our ancestors and the beautiful legacy they all left behind, and we love reimagine their her story! 

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