4 Tips To Avoid Becoming a Product Junkie

 fren, we know you may be tempted by all the products out there that make all the promises for longer stronger hair. we know it's a slippery slope to becoming a product junkie...4C ONLY is here to help you make better choices when it comes to picking a product.


get into these 4 easy tips to prevent becoming a product junkie:



Tip #1 know your ingredients

if you have 4C hair, you know the ultimate struggle of keeping our hair moisturized. it’s like our strands are always begging and pleading for hydration, no matter how many times (nor how many products!) we give them a well-deserved drench.

grapeseed oil



you trynna feel silky? you trynna feel oh-so smooth? this lightweight oil (extracted from grape seeds) is a light as a feather but leaves a beautiful impact on your coils!


not only does this oil seal in moisture and hydrates your kinks without being heavy-heavy, but it also adds a lovely shine to your strands. shine on, fren.

featured in: too thicke deep conditioner


slippery elm extract 



need that slip-slip to add to your drip-drippin’ coils? we got you right here!


slippery elm extract (found in the slippery elm tree) is known around the block for its incredible healing properties! not only does it make you feel good on the inside, it greatly benefits your hair on the outside.


this magic provides a slip that makes detangling as easy and breezy as (our new and improved) wash day. when combined with a splash of water, it really gets into your strands to get an incredible slip.


Tip #2 get to know your hair

sounds easy enough, right? Well this step is crucial to set you and your kinks up for success. take the time to understand if your 4C hair is more dense, if you have high or low porosity, and how weather where you live could impact what products you need for your unique set of coils.

Tip #3 don't be a HOARDER

listen! we know the temptation is there to try everything under the sun, but collecting and so many products...you'll never find that true routine that'll work for you and your coils. not to mention being a product hoarder can get EXPENSIVE and time consuming.

keep it simple fren, keep it too easy in fact. 

4C ONLY is the first-ever natural hair brand made exclusively for 4C hair. 

this quad squad is your go-to collection for 4C haircare without the fuss. simply put, it’s the freedom to do wash day your way.

with this allstar lineup of essentials, who needs anything else? 


Tip #4 track your results

how will you know what works if you don't track your results? this tip is important so you can get the consistent results you want with your routine. 

are you a product junkie, fren? let us know in the comments.

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I am so guilty of this! I’m always coloring my hair (I work at a salon :) so my hair needs change and I never give myself enough time between colors to use all products first lol!

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