Hair Horror Stories: tragic hair stylists

the hair horror stories are stories that we’d all love to put behind us, but the hardest part of healing is feeling the pain of the tragedies we’ve endured.  it’s okay, fren. we’ve all been there. 

so come one, come all. let’s make space for the tragic hair horror stories that many of us have encountered. none of us are alone, and this is a safe 4C space. 


Sarah - if you can’t braid, just say that 

as we all know, there a few websites where we can search for a stylist. we’re not going to name any names, but our good sis thought she found one. sis even picked a safe hairstyle to make sure she was good. because what stylist can mess up 6 jumbo cornrow braids to the back? 

sadly, she found a stylist who just did that. her 6 braids turned into 10. 4 jumbo, 2 small, and 4 medium braids. we know you can’t imagine that, but guess what? Sarah had to walk around looking like that.

if the stylist couldn’t braid, why didn't she just say that? unfortunately, no pics were taken to memorialize this tragic accident. & before you ask, yes sis paid for it too. send her some love, y’all.

Angelica - it was suppose to be a lil haircut


now our good sis, Angelica did not find this stylist on a website. sis was consistent and loyal to her stylist for a whole year. the trust was established at this point. her friend even sent her the ally-oop with a referral. sadly, this trusted stylist dropped the ball and she dropped it hard. 

sis wanted to make sure her 4C kinks were popping, and Angelica asked for a little hair cut because sis had real hang time. unfortunately, she walked out of the salon with almost a fade. trim where? the stylist got scissor happy and sis had bald spots, uneven hair, and a panic attack on the way. 

it was tragic! sis got her money back, but she didn’t get her kinks back. with proper moisture and great products like the too easy collection, sis will have her kinks back popping in no time.


Empress - hair model horror

come to the podium our good 4C sisters as we pray for our good fren, Empress. our sis is a model model, and as a model she submitted for a casting call. now this casting call was for a hair salon. not just any hair salon, but one where they don’t do ethnic hair. 

our sis not only went to the casting call, but she was selected as one of the models for the hair show. unfortunately, none of the stylist knew how to do kinky hair. they dyed our good frens hair and gave her a fade. 

sis liked the color, but the cut. she wasn't expecting to get a fade that week and be referred to as Grace Jones. luckily, our good sis is using 4C ONLY now, and protecting her glorious 4C kinks!

moral of these hair horror stories fren is to learn how to do your hair at home. these stylists are causing some scary situations. no, we’re kidding! but remember that you are not alone with your tragic horror stories. this is a safe 4C space and 4C ONLY has your back!

do you have a hair horror story, fren? let us know in the comments. 

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