Frensgiving: how you pullin' up?

it’s almost that time of the year…. Frensgiving is near! of course we love spending time with our families during the holidays, but let’s be honest…. we spend a lot of time with our frens too. we want to celebrate with them during this special time of the year.

so when it comes to Frensgiving, how are you pulling up to the living room? we’ve got a few tips, ideas, and styles for you to get ready. 

protective style goddess 

are you a protective style queen who says it’s always protective style season (link protective style blog there) ?! because we know that’s right!

twists, box braids, knotless braids, faux locs, etc… the options are endless & any of these looks will keep your frens asking, “girl, who did your hair?” but don’t forget to keep that protective style actually protected.

with our mint serum, keep that scalp right & tight. And if you like, keep that protective style longer with our too fresh liquid poo & too thicke deep conditioner. we heard it helps that protective style last forever. 

keepin' it juicy baddie

is that you, sis? the show stopper with the nice fro pulling up to the living room? yea, yea, yea… we see you, sis!

did you do your special fro? did you really take your time and drench your kinks in too thicke deep conditioner while runnning that  too soft leave-in conditioner through your glorious kinks? did you start off with twists, but curled your ends with perm rods? are looks being served with the help of the too easy collection?

yes ma’am!!! but make sure you stay clap back ready for thanksgiving. you know your grandma is going ask if you did your hair. 

bonnet babe 

sis is tired. sis has been slaying, not her hair but in the kitchen. sis is the hostess who has been preparing for Frensgiving & showed up to the living room in a bonnet. obviously, we’re going to get whatever sis has under her bonnet & you know she’s rocking her 4C ONLY bonnet to keep her right for the Frensgiving activities.  

sis may have not had enough time to get ready, but she is still stepping and looking good in her 4C ONLY bonnet. is this you? you have to tell us what you’re hiding under there… whatever it is … we know your kinks are moisturized because you joined the revolution. 

so no matter how you decide to pull up to Frensgiving, we hope you’re looking and feeling good. we know you’re going to enjoy the good company of your frens, and we hope you have a great one! so when it comes to the Frensgiving activities, how are you pulling up and which fren are you? let us know, sis! 


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