The Ultimate 4C Hair Detangling Guide

we know the feeling sis. it's Sunday. your hair has been in a puff ALL week and it's time to wash your mane.

stop dreading wash day and get into these 4C detangling hacks!



divide and conquer 

when detangling 4C hair, you want to be sure to separate the hair into smaller more manageable sections. you'll avoid breakage and move faster. make sure to saturate your hair in water before applying your conditioner and sectioning.



finger detangle...and be gentle! should already be handling your 4C hair delicately! your strands are precious, and you should never intentionally be rough while taking care of your natural hair.



here are a few frenly reminders on how to be soft with your 4C hair: 

  • detangle with the help of a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner 
  • always work from the ends to root (don’t forget to show your ends some TLC!)
  • while cleansing your kinks, use your the balms of your finger tips to massage your scalp instead of scratching
  • while braiding or twisting your coils, always apply a leave-in conditioner and styling cream beforehand to keep your strands smooth and sleek 



get the RIGHT deep conditioner  

what can we say about deep conditioners?!? they’re truly a 4C girl’s best fren, and like any best fren, we should want to see them as often as we can.



we recommend using the deep conditioning treatment for your kinks, and watch the knots melt away with all this slip. this will ensure that your kinks and coils are staying nice and juicy with no unnecessary breakage. 


one of our frens had this to say: 



wide tooth comb

we love to use our fingers when detangling to be most gentle, but if you're a fren that likes her tools, we say use a wide tooth comb to detangle your coils. Remember to start at the bottom of each section of hair and move upward. 


are you ready to take on wash day now, fren? let us know what other helpful detangling tips you follow in the comments below:


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