are these 5 deep conditioner ingredients breaking off your 4C kinks?

we'd love to trust that when we reach for our deep conditioner, the natural hair brand we purchased it from designed the product with 4c kinks in mind.

but the truth is, most of them haven't got a clue about the way certain ingredients impact 4c kinks in comparison to other hair textures.

so we're not holding anything back on this one because this info is a 4c hair must-know!



many of us know this one already, but we just gon’ repeat it for everyone in the back.

sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils faster than a tik tok dance trend!

and for our 4C kinks and coils, that's a big no-no.

our kinks need all the moisture they can get, so when you see sulfates listed on the back of that deep conditioner, go the other way fren!



ah, silicones… fren this one is a lil’ tricky because it gives our kinks that shine we like.

but don't be fooled by the instant gratification of smoothness and shine.

over time, silicones can build up on 4C coils, leaving them feeling weighed down and lifeless...and we dont want that!


 another ingredient that wreaks havoc on our 4C kinks is alcohol. alcohol is the notorious B.I.G for drying out 4c hair, honestly, on any hair.  

Dry hair is an all-access pass for hair breakage!

so this should go without saying but we gon' say it, grab an alcohol-free deep conditioner formulated for 4C hair fren!



when you see parabens on the label...feel free to be triggered!

these synthetic preservatives keep your deep conditioner shelf-stable longer, but you’re not going to believe at what cost?

studies show that parabens can disrupt our hormonal balance and even cause irritation to the scalp. ain't nobody got time for that! 



mineral oil

 last but certainly not least, we’ve got mineral oil.

this one is a heavy, petroleum-derived ingredient that might seem like a miracle worker for sealing in moisture, but don't be fooled.

mineral oil actually creates a barrier on the hair shaft, preventing moisture from penetrating and ultimately leading to dry, brittle strands.  

so instead its better to go  for deep conditioners enriched with oils like grapeseed oil, argan or jojoba to keep your kinks soft and moisturized.  


well there it is fren!

five ingredients to watch out for when you're shopping for deep conditioner.

so flip that bottle over and read that label like your 4C kinks depend on it.

because let's face it, they do.


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