5 Tips You Need When Using 4C ONLY

if you’re looking for guidance on getting your kinks juicy and moisturized you came to the right the place.

here are 5 simple tips to make sure your 4C kinks are takin’ care of! 

1. apply product on soaking wet hair

we don’t want you wasting product, fren! when your hair is soaking wet, it makes it easier for product to get in your hair cuticles and moisturize your kinks. and you know we love us some juicy kinks, so apply product on wet hair.  yes, this tip applies to using our Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner and Too Slick Styling Cream, too!

Wetting hair

2. double cleanse for a deep cleanse

sometimes our scalp just needs that extra sumthin’ sumthin. if you’re looking to do a deep cleanse on your scalp, we recommend washing twice. this will make sure you get all the product buildup that is on your scalp and kinks. 

3. deep condition your kinks for 10-15 mins

the Too Thicke deep conditioner gives you all the slip & slide!  it makes detangling your kinks too easy. when conditioning your kinks you can use a plastic bag to lock in all that moisture. rinse out the deep conditioner after 10-15 mins and never sleep with the conditioner in your hair. 


4. a little goes a long way

you don’t need all of that product, fren! apply a small amount of product and add more if needed. keep this in mind when using our Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner, this will prevent any white cast or product buildup. 

5. no need to reapply product

after using the full Too Easy Collection there is no need to reapply product. all the moisture you need will last all week. defined and juicy kinks is what we do. our full Too Easy Collection will have you covered!

okay, fren! you got the tips and the 4C ONLY product, all you need to do is give these tips a try! let us know how your next wash day with 4C ONLY goes. drop ya pics and tag us @4CONLY on Instagram.
Twist-out with 4C ONLY products 
now we know a lot about 4C hair, but we’re always up for learning, especially from our 4C frens. that’s why you need to drop your tips! what works best for you when using 4C ONLY?

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