the beauty of 4C hair

get comfy, frens...we got some unpacking to do.



when we joined the 4C hair revolution, we knew there was going to be some major work that had to be done. not only internally, but externally as well: part of the work is having to check folks who got us (and our kinks!) messed up.

as a 4C hair honey, we’ve embraced our coils and kinks. every morning when we rise, the beauty of our 4C hair is waiting for us. this beauty is true to us, not new to us!



our family and frens, on the other hand...that’s a whole nother situation.

raise your hand if you’ve heard any of these familiar tunes: 

  • “you need to do something with that hair.”
  • “when are you going to take down those braids?”
  • “why don’t you ever straighten your hair?”


it’s a blessing to recognize our own beauty. to honor this new-found love, we need to be willing to teach others (especially our loved ones) this new perspective of our 4C hair



we know, we know; it can be super irritating trying to break down barriers. especially when you’re doing it to enlighten someone other than yourself. but nonetheless, it’s a tangle that needs to be straightened we need to give it our best shot.

next time someone says something off-the-wall or outta line about your gorgeous 4C hair, take a deep breath. exhale slowly. and make a conscious effort to respond graciously and lovingly. let's choose peace, frens. having peace for our kinks and peace for our mind is a huge game-changer!

...or if you wanna choose a different route? check out our video below for clap-backs! use these hitters responsibly, fren: 



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