our secret to deep cleanse ya kinks

no one likes product build-up or an itchy scalp. 

and no, fren! your hair does not grow faster when dirty. it’s actually the opposite. dirty hair can cause bacteria growth and scalp irritation. which you never want or need! 


a consistent hair care regimen that includes washing your scalp, helps you have to healthy hair - which actually supports hair growth

 that’s why a good deep cleanse can be your best fren! 

 our secret to a deep cleanse is to double cleanse. a double cleanse is also known as the double shampoo method. 

the double shampoo method is when you wash your hair twice. this is done to remove all product build up and give your kinks a fresh slate.

if ya scalp ain’t fresh, ya style ain’t comin’ out right. PERIOD.

so let’s get into how to double cleanse!

how to double cleanse

the first step when double cleansing is to use a clarifying shampoo. clarifying shampoos remove dirt, oil, and product build-up. even though they are great for cleansing your hair, they can sometime leave your coils feelin’ dry. 

and dry kinks… we don’t know her!

that is why you have to have moisturizing shampoo up next.

a moisturizing shampoo helps to gently cleanse your hair while adding moisture to your kinks. it also helps with detangling, which we love to see!!

the clarifying shampoo and moisturizing shampoo duo is key to cleansing your scalp and keepin’ your coils hydrated. 

you can wash your hair once or twice with the clarifying shampoo (depends on buildup), then you can wash with your moisturizing shampoo to hydrate ya kinks. after your double cleanse, you can move forward with deep conditioning. 

double cleanse with 4C ONLY

here’s how to do a double cleanse wash day with 4C ONLY:

  1. wash kinks with Too Fresh Liquid Poo (clarifying shampoo)

  2. wash kinks with Too Clean Shampoo ( moisturizing shampoo)

  3. deep condition with Too Thicke Deep Conditioner

  4. style kinks with Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner and Too Slick Styling Cream 

now you don’t have to double cleanse every time you wash ya hair, but it is essential when you have a lot of product build-up.

 a double cleanse is great after a busy week of hittin’ the gym or takin’ out 3 month old braids.

that’s why we have sumthin’ special droppin’ soon  for our 4C frens. stay connected with us on IG so you don’t miss out. 

in the meantime let us know, fren. do you double cleanse and if so, how often?

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