keep your protective styles, protected!

as a 4C girl, we know that a protective style can be a girls best fren. when sis needs a break, sis needs a break! we get it!

a good protective style can give a girl the peace she needs. one of the biggest problems when it comes to getting the protective style your kinks deserve is choosing the right one. from lemonade braids to senegalese twist, the crown you choose is special.

just make sure you keep your kinks in tact and protected.  

 depending on the style, protective styles can last you anywhere from 1-3 months without damaging your hair in the long run. so let’s get into these tips to make your protective style last a long time, girlfren…

#1. reliable stylist 

the best protective style starts with the right stylist. only the best of the best can grace her hands with your scalp. yes frens, we’re talking licensed hair stylist not the kitchen beauticians. & yes, shade has been thrown.

make sure you book a stylist who not only knows how to achieve the look you desire, but one who cares to make sure your kinks are protected and cared for too.

we don’t want to see your what I asked for vs what I got  videos on TikTok. read the reviews and do your research, sis. they never steer you wrong. 


#2. protect ya kinks

now this should go without saying, but for the folks in the back….. wear your bonnet, sis. put that scarf on or please sleep with your silk/ satin pillow case. we know you’re rocking your protective style, but your edges still need protection too.

don’t get too comfortable & get your exclusive 4C ONLY bonnet. she has your protective style and fro covered. not to mention, she’s adjustable too. 


#3. keep it moisturized

keeping it cute and moisturized while you’re protecting your kinks is key, fren. a good leave-in spray is all essential. as always, 4C kinks need extra moisture! don’t forget it just because your kinks are in a protective style. dry kinks still aren’t it.

get your Too Soft-Leave In Conditioner and mix it with water in a spray bottle.  voila! it’s magic! moisturized kinks are yours, but in a protective style!


#4. that scalp matters too

no matter how much we’re protecting our kinks and keeping the revolution moisturized, sometimes our scalps need a little extra TLC.  keep it clean and keep it oiled, fren.

if you’re facing build up or flaking, it’s time for a wash, fren. the Too Fresh Liquid Poo will have you hype for wash day with easy scalp application.

if your scalp needs a little extra love, top her off with the Too Soothing Mint Serum too. say goodbye to an itchy or flaky scalp with us, fren. 


because it’s always protective season for a 4C fren, it’s important to make sure our kinks stay safe in these 4C steets.  & you know 4C ONLY has your kinks covered from your scalp to your ends. thanks for joining the revolution, fren! 

which protective style are you styling with this season?

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