are you ready for a big chop?

new hair? who dis? 

is it time for a big chop, fren? is this your first big chop or did you damage your kinks the first time around? 

either way, hair grows back and we got you on this go ‘round because the revolution awaits you! 

some of our frens do the big chop to get the process started. it’s much faster than waiting for the transition period, right? of course, the big chop might not be for everyone, but the process is rewarding! when you see those juicy kinks you’ll have no regrets! so, if you’ve been thinking about going natural or starting over, take this as a sign!  your natural hair ancestors and 4C ONLY got you!

so what is the big chop? let’s get into it.

it’s the quickest and easiest way to become the natural girl of your 4C dreams. it’s not only releasing your kinks from the creamy crack, but it’s learning to love the natural kinks you were born with! can we say self-love or naw?

the big chop is essentially when you decide to chop off your relaxed her. for those who are already natural, it’s a chance to start all over again. this time you have a bit more wisdom about your natural kinks.

are you ready for the big chop?

…because we’re thinking about it too.  & since we’re here, it’s important to ask ourselves:
  1. are you ready to redefine what beauty is to you?
  2.  are you prepared to sport a twa (teeny weeny afro) until those kinks start to flourish?
  3. do you have your 4C hair care products to keep your coils hydrated ?
if you answered yes to most of these questions, you are ready for the big chop, fren!

so let’s get to chopping 

now before we get into this…warning! the professionals are the professionals & we recommend going to see a natural hair stylist to get the  big chop of your 4C dreams. but if you’re feeling frisky, we’ve got some tips for you & you can follow up with a stylist. 

step 1:

start by cleaning your hair with the 4C ONLY too clean shampoo. the moisture is real, and it’s truly an experience! next, air dry those kinks. you want to be able to see from there, there's no need to manipulate your kinks. let your kinks do what they do.

step 2:

section your kinks, divide each area, and leave your sides a little longer just in case you get scissor happy. we know you might cut off too much hair & we hate when this happens. repeat this process til you're done.  use the length of the first section as a guide to finish the chop. remember this is a big chop, and you can’t mess it up too bad. embrace the revolution happening in the mirror!

step 3:

look at yourself, fren… you did it and you look bomb! natural beauty is that you?

now, it’s time to develop a new hair care routine. your hair texture will be different from what you're used to. welcome to the natural hair community, fren! give your kinks some grace cause it might take some time to get use to. we promise that you’ll love it here! 
of course, the entire too easy collection will keep your kinks soft, moisturized, and juicy! 

if you follow these tips, you’ll have a new look, a new vibration, and a new foundation when it comes to embracing your natural kinks! you are giving your hair a new chance to grow thicker, juicier,  & kinkier! we love to see it, and with 4C ONLY on your side… you can never be dry!  

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