A Win is A Win: Time to Celebrate!

frens, 2022 is at an end and 2023 is near… so it’s time to celebrate our wins big and small! you know why? because you deserve it, sis! sometimes we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve, but it’s time to give yourself some roses!

She’s Resilient

if you made it through the year without snatching your edges out, a win is a win. if you were able to keep the kinks moisturized with the too easy collection this year, but you’re still learning how to do a bomb twist out..a win is a win.

if you woke up late for work, but still managed to grab a starbucks iced latte fren, let me tell you a win is a win.  we celebrate you! 

She’s Braided Up

sis, we know those protective styles got you through the year when you really needed it. & some of the braiders had you wash & blow dry your hair first… but you still got it done. sis, a win is a win! celebrate your win because you didn’t get as many “hey boo” text as you could have.

the way these prices keep going up for braids.. sis, we can’t. make it last forever and keep your braids refreshed with the too fresh liquid poo. hydrate your scalp with the too soothing mint serum. you didn’t pay all that money and pray for your hair appointment for no reason. make it stretch two more weeks! keep winning in 2023, boo!

She Survived

this post pandemic life is not for the weak. sis, you deserve all of your roses! you survived a pandemic with a head full of hair. you. did. your. thing & we are proud! a win is a win! now we’re going into 2023, but inflation is still trying to keep us down. it’s giving recession but you know what didn’t recede? your hair line! a win is a win!

we fell down a few times in 2022, but we got back up! a win is a win! celebrate all of your accomplishments because we are going to celebrate you and all of your 4C glory as much as we can! let us know what wins you're celebrating, sis! 


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