4C ONLY is Refinery29-approved: perfect for 4C hair!

oooh frens...looks like we’re getting press!

when we first launched 4C ONLY almost a year ago, we knew it was going to go UP. by creating this line of hair products that cater exclusively to 4C hair honeys, we knew we’d be starting a revolution in the hair care industry.



(the revolution is and always will be moisturized!)

we trust our narrative and our stories around celebrating and embracing 4C hair. soooo, honestly...we haven’t been too pressed to gain recognition from anyone BESIDES our kinky and coily crew. 



but we must give props where it’s due, and it’s definitely due over at Refinery29! our good fren sydney clarke wrote the sweetest article about us. check out what she had to say about yours truly: 

on our brand




“Others [are] appreciative of the categorizations because of the guidance it gives in their quest to buy products - hence the name 4C ONLY for a brand that’s stepped in to help women feel confident with their kinky hair.” 

on our mission 


alicia ferguson, our former CMO and foreva fren: “4C ONLY will be at the forefront of redefining and creating space for new stories to be told that put 4C folks front and center” 

on our products



“...crowning champions in this set for me were the leave-in conditioner and the styling cream because they kept my curls moisturized for days [without making my hair feel weighed down].”

we’re delighted that such a dope platform like Refinery29 took the time to learn a lil about our moisturized revolution! thank you again for the sweet words, fren.



are there any publications or platforms that you want to see 4C ONLY featured in? drop ya favs in the comments and we’ll see how we can become frens!

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