GIVE $10, GET $10

(time to collect credit) hey fren! we love that you're part of the 4C ONLY revolution. seriously, you're forever part of the group chat. but don't your frens deserve juicy, thicke, and moisturized kinks too? all the kinks can get it, so let's get to it! share the 4C ONLY love with your peeps so they can get their kinks together too. btw, did we mention you get a little change for spreading the word? get $10 in store credit, plus your fren gets $10 too! so it's time to share the love with your frens + get a little cash too! here's what to do —

1. create your 4C account

2. click “give $10, get $10” copy your custom referral link & share this link with your frens

3. once a fren uses the link you sent & makes a purchase, you’ll get $10! bonus: your frens get $10 off their purchase too

frequently asked questions

the "refer a fren" program is an easy way to get store credit by referring 4C ONLY to your fren. the 4C Revolution is very much alive and drippin' with moisture. 4C hair is magical! we want everyone that has 4C hair to recognize this & own it. 

1. create your 4C ONLY account

2. click "give $10, get $10" copy your referral link

3. share it in your group chat, social, email, and anywhere else you want

4. bank $10 for every fren of yours that makes a purchase with your link!

5. bonus: your frens get $10 off their purchase too

you can earn $10 in store credit for every referral that makes a purchase! 💰

we're here for any and everyone with 4C kinks... it's the kinks for us. ;-) 

glad you asked! it's pretty simple: 

1. you need to have a 4C ONLY account

2. you need to send your referral link to a fren

3. your fren has to make a purchase with your referral link

nope. go crazy!

you can find this after you sign up for your 4C ONLY account & click on "give $10, get $10" on the site.

they could just copy & paste your referral link into the link bar. when they use your link, they will automatically get $10 off their entire cart. 

no, they will have to wait to use it for their next purchase. 😢

yup, you can refer a fren that has purchased 4C ONLY products before!

wherever you'd like! feel free to share it in your group chat, on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.

shoot an email to and we'll get you sorted.