The Ultimate Care Guide for Healthy, Moisturized Locs

4C ONLY Loc Routine

locs have entered the chat and we love to see it!  locs are beautiful, versatile, and have been around since about 2500 B.C. yes, fren!

locs are true to this, not new to this. whether you’re already loc’d or thinking about starting your loc journey, we got the info about locs and how to take care of them. 


what are locs?

locs are formed by allowing the hair to grow and lock naturally or through a process called "twist and rip" or "interlocking." this means that the hair is twisted, and as it grows, it begins to knot and tangle.

locs can vary in size, thickness, and length, depending on how they are formed and maintained.

caring for your locs

locs require a unique care routine to keep them healthy and looking their best. here are some tips  that will help you maintain your locs (for a good time & long time)!

  1. avoid using heavy products: heavy products like gels and creams can leave residue on your locs, making them appear dull and dirty.

    refresh your locs with the 
    Too Wet Loc Refresher Spray. it’s a natural, lightweight product that gives your locs the moisture it needs! 
  1. brush your locs: yes, fren! you can brush your locs, too. loc brushing helps to reduce lint & buildup, prevent breakage, and detangles your roots. 
  1. keep your scalp clean: dirty hair can lead to an itchy, smelly scalp, which you don’t want, fren!  regularly washing your scalp with a gentle shampoo will help keep your locs clean.

    Too Fresh Liquid Poo will remove product and keep your scalp fresh. pus, the direct-scalp applicator makes it easy to get the shampoo on your scalp.
  1.  lock in moisture: the Too Soothing Mint Serum will help to seal in moisture and protect your hair from damage.

    to use, apply a small amount of oil to your locs, focusing on the ends. use your fingers to work the product through your hair. you can also apply the serum to your scalp, to renew your scalp. 
  1. protect your locs at night: sleeping with your locs loose can cause them to become tangled and damaged. protect your locs by wrapping them with the 4C ONLY limited-edition scarf.

locs are a unique hairstyle that requires special care and attention. by following a proper care routine, you can keep your locs healthy and looking their best. 

we love when our frens give us tips! what do you do to maintain your locs? let us know in the comments. 

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