loving the undefined

 hey frens, let's talk about something that's been on my mind lately, embracing and loving our 4C hair. if you don't know, 4C hair refers to a tightly coiled, kinky hair texture that is common among black women.

for years, society has told us that straight, silky hair is the epitome of beauty, and kinky hair is something to be tamed, straightened, or hidden away.

but let me tell you, as someone who has 4C hair, there is nothing more liberating than embracing your natural hair texture. 

it's a journey, and it takes time to learn how to take care of it, but the end result is worth it. you get to discover a part of yourself that you might not have known existed. you get to feel the power and beauty that comes with embracing your natural self.

unfortunately, for many years, the education around how to take care of 4C hair has been lacking. many hair care products were not designed with kinky hair textures in mind, and hair stylists weren’t even trained to work with our hair. this lack of knowledge has led to a lot of frustration and even hair and health damage for many black women. 

we would put ourselves through chemical burns, heat damage, and inflammation all in the name of “manageability”.

over the past couple decades we’ve begun to shift and unlearn, re-educate ourselves and our community about how to properly care for our kinks. undoing what we’ve been told to do for generations.

as more and more black women embrace their natural hair textures, the demand for education and representation has grown louder. and brands, like 4C ONLY, are listening to our community and building a space in the natural hair care industry just for us. it’s about time! there are now countless resources available, from YouTube tutorials to online communities, dedicated to helping black women to learn how to take care of and love their hair.

take a listen to Akili’s story about her journey with loving and embracing her undefined 4C hair. 

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