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Kinks Course: our secret to a too easy 4C ONLY journey

after searching high and low to find a hair product that’ll work for you... you stumbled across 4C ONLY ...

you read the reviews, saw some testimonials, and  decided to drop the too easy collection into the cart. 

you finally got that orange box delivered to the front door and you are ready to step into your “more moisture” era.. but lowkey you don’t know what to do?

we know you are needing help with your natural hair and we are here to tell you we got you!

before you decide to wash your hair and skip all the steps to the too easy collection...sis you should join the 4C ONLY Kinks Course

the Kinks Course is a 14 day course filled with moisture, education, & our amazing 4C ONLY community.


during the kinks course you'll learn how to:

cut your wash day in half ✅

maintain moisture for at least 7 days 

get a defined twist-out that lasts 

now you thinking .. how is this possible,.. fren trust us it… we got your back. 

you’ll have a coil coach.. again you might be thinking what is a coil coach?

a coil coach is your 4C fren an mentor. she will guide you through her tips and tricks in getting more moisture in your kinks and keep them coils hydrated for more than two-three days. 

during this course you’ll learn to embrace your natural and you’ll have a community of coil frens who will support you for two weeks. 


you’ll have the too easy collection which was designed with you in mind.. our kinky-coily hair frens and you’ll learn why we say a little goes a long way. 

not to mention we even bring in a natural hair stylist who will answer all your haircare needs. 

this course not only guides you but encourages you to show off your kinks and coils no matter what stage you are at in  your natural hair journey. 

join the 4C ONLY Kinks Course so you can step into your more moisture era. 

and don’t just take our word for it. listen to Pamela’s Kinks Course experience below:
join the 4C ONLY kinks course so you can step into your more moisture era. join the 4C ONLY kinks course so you can step into your more moisture era. join the 4C ONLY kinks course so you can step into your more moisture era. 

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