Happy Birthday 4C ONLY: from our evolution to the revolution

a win is a win, and we’ve been moisturizing the revolution, making wash day too easy for the kinks, and winning for two years now…. yes, sis! happy birthday to us! we couldn't do it without you! 

we heard our frens needed moisture to retain that length. so we’ve been keepin the revolution moisturized by hydrating those juicy kinks just for you. you know we have to do it for the kinks!


since the beginning .. our frens have been ridin with us. when we started the 4C hair revolution, we knew there was going to be some major work that had to be done.

from self-care to self-love, the revolution has revolutionized the way we see ourselves. learning to embrace our kinks and affirming ourselves even on our bad days has been a journey. we know it’s especially hard when the kinks don’t cooperate.    

but frens, y’all have made the revolution so rewarding.. from watching instagram reels, tiktok videos and readin' them juicy testimonials about how much y’all love 4C ONLY warms our heart!

not only have y’all been a part of the revolution but y’all been a part of the evolution of 4C ONLY.  we couldn’t be more grateful! 

here’s the 4C ONLY year two review: our favorite moments from this year!!

4C ONLY Twist-Out Challenge

we created the 4C ONLY Twist-Out Challenge so that every 4C fren could have a space to embrace their kinks & learn how to get a bomb twist-out! seeing all our frens get juicy kinks, learn about their coils, and build community has warmed our hearts.

4C ONLY Rewards Program

ask and you shall receive. we launched the 4C ONLY Rewards Program just for our 4C frens. now you can earn coins every time you shop your 4C ONLY favs. join now for free & earn coins here: https://4conly.com/pages/coins-reward-program 

new product alert

we told y’all in 2022 we were givin y’all new styles, new looks, and new products. these products were made to keep the kinks and coils juicy and moisturized all year round. 
juicy things can come in small packages. with the too easy travel size collection you can take your fav products anywhere. TSA dumpin’ out your hair products… NEVER AGAIN!


Too Soothing Mint Serum 

the Too Soothing Mint Serum is out here in these 4C streets. we got the keys to scalp renewal and shine. trust us, your scalp and kinks will thank you!


Too Fresh Liquid Poo 

build-up… where?!? with the Too Fresh Liquid Poo your scalp has never been so fresh and so clean clean. and with the direct-to-scalp applicator wash day for protective styles has never been easier. 

rep for the revolution 

 you can’t rep the revolution without your 4C ONLY merch. that’s why you know we had to make sure our frens were covered. 
4C ONLY Bonnet
 the 4C ONLY adjustable and reversible bonnet has been keepin’ our kinks protected. whether you wearin’ to bed, outside, or both. you know your kinks are going to stay juicy while you rep for the revolution.


every 4C girl needs a 4C mug to rep the revolution.  they say that 4C hair isn't beautiful... we say to put some respect on your mane!

from product reviews, seeing your tik toks videos, and beyond… our frens really made this last year a good one! as a 4C family, we will continue to hold space, make space, and create juicy products to help your 4C kinks flourish too!

remember frens, you is kind. you is important. & you is special. thanks for keeping the revolution moisturized & happy birthday to us! 


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