from fro to faux: here are our vacation approved styles

summer time means summer vacations. where are we going? what type of vibe are we going for? which frens will make it out the group chat? these are all questions that need answers! 

as a black girl, that also means what type of style are we wearing for our vacation hair? so let’s get into our options because  braids are not the only vacation style, fren! 

ladies, ladies, ladies…..did you know that you can wear your fro on vacation too? make those other vacationers stop and stare when they see your voluminous fro, fren. because the bigger the hair, the harder they stare!

so keep your hair moisturized and ready to steal the show with our travel size too easy collection, fren! we know it’s hot outside, but we don’t have to see any dry kinks! guess what? she’s tsa approved too!  

the girls that commit get locs, but the girls who only want the experience get faux locs. honestly, we’re here for both because we love the look! committed or not, 4C ONLY got you! but if you’re going to an island if it’s giving beach vibes… we definitely recommend locs for the girls!


the question is, how are we going to keep it clean when it comes to the beach and our locs? it’s giving 4C ONLY Too Fresh liquid poo. featuring aloe, cucumber, and mint the liquid poo gonna have your scalp clean & refreshed.

don’t forget to keep your edges laid and slayed with our edge control too! but if you're getting a retwist or new faux locs, pass the loc, braid, and twist gel to your stylist! don’t say we never did anything for you!   

it’s vacation szn, and we know some of the girls like to throw on a wig and call it a day. some of our frens might even grab a few wigs to serve the girls different looks! we got you too, fren!

it’s our job as your 4C ONLY fren to make sure you're protecting your kinks under your wig too! how? make sure your kinks are prepped and ready before you get your braids, sis.

we said it once and we’ll say it again, 4C kinks need extra moisture! that's why our Too Clean shampoo is super moisturizing and our Too Thicke deep conditioner is keeping your kinks extra juicy. our serum keeps the scalp too fresh and moisturized too! go ahead and take it on your trip too! you’ll need it boo! 

so whatever style you decide to rock on your vacation this summer, we got you! & as a friendly reminder, you do not only have to rock braids for your summer vacation. you got options, sis & 4C ONLY has every style’s back!

which style are you choosing for your next vacay?!


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