Edges on Sleek

fly aways? edges that aren’t laid?? CANCELLED! because you asked & we delivered! we need those cute baby hairs to come to the front of the line because we’ve finally dropped  the TOO SLEEK edge control!

4C hair is beautiful and unique but one of the biggest challenges our 4C frens face is keeping their edges smooth and sleek. the Too Sleek Edge Control Set is the only thing your edges need to be laid! with ultimate glide and max hold your edges will STAY too sleek.             


what is 4C edge control?

the Too Sleek Edge Control was formulated and designed specifically for your 4C kinks! we know you love wearing your twist outs and fros uninhibited…but for those times where you want to add a little razzle dazzle or sleekness? we got you covered! do you need those edges tamed & controlled? the Too Sleek Edge Control is perfect for creating all of your 4C dream hairstyles from sleek buns, top knots, locs, bantu knots, protective styles, you name it.

what are the benefits of using 4C edge control?

  1. this formula is non-greasy! yes, we said it!  4C edge control is formulated with a non-greasy, water-based formula, which means it won't leave your hair feeling oily or weighed down. we love to see it!
  2. long-lasting hold: 4C edge control provides a strong hold that lasts all day. say no to fly aways & reapplying product! this means you won't have to worry about your edges reverting or losing their shape throughout the day. & that’s on period! 
  3. no flaking or buildup: 4C edge control is designed to provide a smooth, sleek finish without leaving any flaking or buildup on your hair. & that’s on our 4C kinks! 

    how to use 4C edge control?

    1. start with clean hair: before using 4C edge control, make sure your hair is clean.

    2. apply a small amount of product: take a small amount of 4C Too Sleek Edge control and apply it to your edges using your fingers or a small brush. we recommend our edge tool for the best results.

    3. smooth and style: use the 4C tool brush or your fingers to smooth and style your edges into your desired shape. swoop, swerve, and brush to your heart’s content.

    4. allow to set dry: once you have styled your edges, allow the 4C edge control to dry completely by securing your hair with a silk scarf. and boom! your edges are laid and ready to conquer the day.

    & there you have it, frens! too sleek edges just for you and your beautiful kinks! 

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