5 things I wish I knew before trying 4C ONLY products

it’s crazy to think that a little over 2 years ago 4C ONLY was launched and thousands of black women decided to join the revolution. and over the past couple years we've been on the journey to achieving moisturized, healthy kinks. some of us have watched youtube videos to learn techniques on getting the best twist out while others joined in on the Kinks Course (formally known as the 4C ONLY challenge) to learn from the 4C ONLY team and our coil coaches.

the best thing about a natural hair journey is that we are always learning. throughout my journey with 4C ONLY I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of wash day and now I have a routine that I’m pretty proud of and I can’t keep this info to myself… it’s too juicy.


1. store your shampoo in a cool place

storing your Too Clean Shampoo in a cool place is a game changer! it makes the product easier to work with and it feels sooo good on the scalp. the Too Clean Shampoo is honestly one of my favorite 4C ONLY products but handling the shampoo can get a little messy if you’re using the product for the first (or second) time. 

I discovered this technique by accident, one wash day I went to grab the shampoo that was sitting on my bathroom’s window sill and noticed that the consistency was thicker than normal. The product was much easier to grab from the container after being cooled by the cold air. slightly solidifying the shampoo allows it to clump easier in your hand when you scoop out the product.  since then, I tend to keep my shampoo in a cosmetic fridge where it can stay cool all year round. if you don't have a cosmetic fridge, feel free to use your refrigerator or any cool space in your home to store.

2. don't use too much oil on wash day

to oil the scalp or not to oil the scalp, that is the question. for me and my kinks? its definitely oil the scalp, but the key is when and how you do it. the 4C ONLY Too Soothing Mint Serum is def a fan favorite, it hasn’t gotten the nickname “liquid gold” for no reason. and like with anything precious, we must use in moderation.

in order to reduce buildup on the scalp and to make sure that you’re not blocking your kinks from retaining necessary moisture, i would recommend applying the Too Soothing Mint Serum right after you've finished styling. applying the oils when your scalp and hair are still damp will allow you to lock in the moisture on your ends and scalp and keep them juicy longer. if your hair needs a bit of moisture while styling, try using our infinity spray bottle to moisturize your kinks then use the too soothing oil to seal it. sometimes we can be a little heavy handed so if that’s the case use the dropper on your fingers tips first, then apply onto your scalp with your hands to disperse the product evenly.

3. a little goes a long way

if you’re already a part of the 4C ONLY fam then I know you’ve heard or seen the phrase “a little goes a long way”, because it’s true. with too thick, rich ingredients a little is all you need to get the best out of your 4C ONLY products. now, it’s not only about using a little bit of product, it’s also about using water to combine with the product to help it disperse evenly through out your hair. this will help prevent any white cast and flakes that may occur. the best part about this technique is that it adds more value to the amount of product that you get when using our full size Too Easy Collection.

4. when to use a bonnet or a scarf

*beyonce voice* bonnet girls to the left, scarf girls to the right, you can be both meet in the middle sleep all night… what’s your technique? *dance break*

so you just did a too easy twist-in and want to make sure your twist out comes out defined and moisturized? a scarf is going to be your bestie. scarves will help you keep your twists, braids, and sleek styles fresh and neat while you toss and turn at night. Now, the only issue with that is it staying on your head relies strictly on how good your tying skills are. luckily  long, over-sized scarfs are super helpful when it comes to a secure tying technique. it can protect your kinks while still having enough fabric to make sure that your knots are nice and tight. that’s why I love my 4C ONLY limited edition scarf, it’s the perfect size. I feel like I can get away with wearing it out and about because it’s cute and vibrant which is a plus! 

on the other hand, a big pro about bonnets is that they have the extra room that you can use for puffs, rollers, fros, twist outs, braid outs, locs, and so much more. no matter the style she can help retain longevity out of your styles. although, I wouldn’t recommend it for sleek styles because the extra room can end up being counter productive. your hair would be moisturized but the friction while you sleep can cause frizz, leaving things slightly out of place. if you're looking for a new bonnet, 

the 4C ONLY satin bonnet is old faithful. she will never do you wrong, her adjustable straps will keep he in place all night long. 

5. healthy hair starts with your ends 

and last but not least: trim those ends fren! seriously sis, let them ends go, I promise it'll grow back and flourish. if you have an issue with frizzy ends, fairy knots, detangling, and definition, it might be the result of split ends and damaged kinks. some of the girls love a good blow dry and trim and others like a curly cut. if you’re trying to decide which route to go, think about the final result and the look you’re trying to achieve with your styles.  

a curly cut is tailored specifically to your hair type, texture, and curl pattern. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a personalized cut that takes into account your individual coils. this is good for naturals who often wear twist or braid outs and want a voluminous ‘fro.

Blow drying and trimming your hair helps to reduce tangling and make it easier to see the damaged ends and make a precise trim. this technique will generally give you a shape where the hair around your crown is longer and the hair towards the back of your head is shorter. you won’t have as much volume with this techniques unless you consult with your stylist about your desired shape. it's important to note that blow drying and trimming may not be suitable for you if you have very fragile or damaged hair.

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