4C ONLY presents: ultimate list of Black-owned wellness and beauty brands

we will never stop spendin' coins at Black-owned brands that are working to secure the bag!

we’re honored to share space with these incredible brands that are Black-owned and operated. y’all make us so proud!



whether it’s taking care of your hair, taking care of your body, or taking care of your mind, there’s a Black-owned business that exclusively caters to you. 

we know...cause we found em. and we’re fans!



here’s the ultimate list of Black-owned brands to shop with, foreva and eva: 

mental health

like our good sis lauryn hill once sang: “how you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” 



if you’re looking to soothe your soul and mediate your mind, lean on these frens to steer you in the right direction: 

  • Inner Workout: we getting into our feelings, fren! tap into self-care with reflection and 60 minute wellness classes
  • Black Girl in Om: a platform that turns the hardships of healing into harmony. tune in to yourself, sis. 
  • Black Girls Breathing: breathe in, breathe out. stop waiting to exhale, sis. this org reminds you that you’re worthy of easy, breezy breathing. 
  • Therapy for Black Girls: mental wellness? we need that. Therapy for Black Girls? trust us, frens...they got that. 


it’s your life, honey. live it well!



these Black-owned brands just get it, ya know? they have the goods for your best livelihood: 

  • Yowie: fill your spaces (and ya heart) up with love. these goodies are the perfect decor for your home’s galore. 
  • Grounded Plants: add some green to your scene. become a plant mama and pick up a new baby to nourish from this online plant store.
  • Alexandra Winbush: it’s lit. literally; pick up one of these calming candles to fill your space up with love and light (and good smells!). 
  • Aya Paper Co.: ecofriendly? check. emotion-evoking? check. ethically-sourced? check! this stationery company has everything you need to speak what’s on ya heart.

health + wellness



you are what you eat (and drink!). so be phenomenal with these companies: 

  • Golde: it’s super food to keep you super fly! these supplements definitely need to become a staple on your grocery list. 
  • Ivy’s Tea Co.: come get a sip of this. this is tea that will never be too hot! available in original flavors with super creative names, you’ll always have a taste for this.

beauty + body

honey you don’t need not one thing to make you better..but these few gems can stand to help enhance your natural beauty: 


  • Gilded Gold: skincare deserves to feel luxurious, right frens? cop these goods to enjoy a little bit of the spa everytime you take a bath or shower.
  • KAIKE: celebrate your melanin-rich skin with some KAIKE, fren! indulge in vegan and paraben-free skincare products.
  • Ami Cole:  your melanin glowin' all day, every day...yep, that’s a mood. get ready for your next night out with dolling up ya kinks with the too easy collection and ya face with this bomb make-up brand. 

Black marketplaces + publications 

still looking to buy from more BOMB Black-owned brands? yeah...we don’t blame ya.

have a field day by scrolling through these online marketplaces that exclusively feature Black-owned brands: 


so tell us, fren: after you cop your too easy collection (with free shipping, a lil birdy told us...), who are you shopping with next?


let us know ya fav Black-owned brands in the comments below: 

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