3 easy ways to style your kinks with the Too Twisted loc, braid & twist gel

hey, frens! if you've been searching for a gel that can hold your styles like a boss while keeping ya kinks healthy, look no further than the 4C ONLY Too Twisted loc, braid, & twist gel. it's specially made for us, using naturally derived ingredients and absolutely no harmful plastics or chemicals. Because we love your hair just as much as you do.

with this gel you get the max hold and shine which is perfect for these 4C frenly styles: retwisting and styling locs, mini twists, and zigzag cornrows. let's embrace our gorgeous coils while keeping them strong and vibrant!


retwisting and styling locs:


maintaining and styling locs can be a challenge sometimes. But with the Too Twisted gel, it's a whole new game! here's a quick guide to rockin' neat and versatile loc styles:

Step 1: clean up your sections with a rat tail comb and use a clip to keep your hair out of the way

Step 2: grab a bit of that Too Twisted Gel and apply it to your fingertips or comb, depending on your preference.

Step 3: gently twist each section, starting from the roots and workin' your way down.

Step 4: keep twisting until all your locs are retwisted, and trust me, they'll be lookin' fresh!

Step 5: now, get creative and style those locs however you like. Pin 'em up for a classy updo or let 'em hang loose and free.

with the Too Twisted Gel holdin' everything in place, you'll rock that sleek look for weeks!

mini twists:


listen up, queens! mini twists are where it's at when it comes to low-maintenance and versatile styles. let me show you how to achieve them with the help of our fave gel:

Step 1: start with freshly washed and detangled hair, girl.

Step 2: take a good amount of that Too Twisted gel and apply it generously to each section before you start twistin'.

Step 3: twist each small section tightly from the roots to the ends, giving those twists some love!

Step 4: keep twistin' until your whole head is filled with mini twists. you'll be feelin' yourself, trust me.

Step 5: let those twists air dry or speed things up with a hooded dryer if you're in a rush, girl.

Step 6: once they're fully dry, gently unravel the twists and fluff your hair for some extra volume and definition. 

with the Too Twisted Gel, your mini twists will have that long-lasting hold, and your hair will stay moisturized and healthy.


Zigzag Cornrows:

who doesn't love cornrows, right? let's take it up a notch with some zigzag cornrow action. here's how to slay the game with 4C ONLY Too Twisted gel:

Step 1: divide your hair into sections, depending on how many cornrows you want. it's time to get creative, fren!

Step 2: use a dab of that Too Twisted Gel to smooth and define your parting lines. we want those cornrows lookin' sleek!

Step 3: start braiding the cornrows in a zigzag pattern, startin' from the hairline and workin' your way back. 

Step 4: secure each cornrow with a hairband or clip, keepin' 'em locked and loaded.

Step 5: keep braiding until you've achieved all the cornrows you desire, hun.

Step 6: smooth down any flyaways and add extra hold by applying a bit more of that gel along the cornrows. 

the Too Twisted gel's got your back. your zigzag cornrows will stay intact, and your hair will stay healthy and moisturized, without any harmful ingredients.

These styles are just the beginning when it comes to the versatility of 4C hair. There are no limits to how creative you can get with the Too Twisted loc, braid, & twist gel. We'd love to hear more about ways you use this product in the comments below!

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